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Optical Engineering

Includes all aspects from feasibility, design, prototype manufacture, test and productionization. We pay particular attention to manufacturability. If required we can supply both quality and production procedures.

In addition to optical engineering we have expertise to support proposal generation. This can include concept generation, feasibility, initial design and analysis.

Expertise encompasses all forms of lens design, photonics engineering and optical systems engineering. Experience includes design using catalog components and custom elements. We have designed military and medical equipment using hybrid technologies, and less complex commercial systems for high quantity production.

Previous designs include microscopes, telescopes, eyepieces, interferometers, aircraft head up and helmet displays, holographic lenses, camera systems, zoom lenses, infra red and UV designs, laser systems, and endoscopes. Some of these designs can be seen on the Design Examples page.

In addition to design we have undertaken much laboratory work. This has included system build, alignment, measurement and troubleshooting, for our own designs and those designed by customers.

Engineering Investigations

All forms of engineering investigations, in particular for technical due diligence and technology examination. This is suitable for Venture Capital groups, investors, and technology research within the optical industry.

Additional resources

Design Examples

Some examples of past designs. These include samples of previous designs that have already been published or are not covered by non disclosure agreements.


A list of patents citing Richard Fisher as inventor.


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About Richard Fisher

Information on the qualifications of Richard Fisher.

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