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About Richard Fisher

Richard Fisher holds a MS degree in Applied Optics from Imperial College, London University and has held leadership positions as an Optical Engineer for over 15 years. He has been Director of Optical Engineering at Inner Vision Imaging (Farmington Hills, Michigan), Principal Optical Engineer at Kaiser Optical Systems (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Optical Systems Engineer at Kollmorgen (Northampton, Massachusetts) and a member of the Senior Staff at Ferranti (Edinburgh, Scotland). Richard Fisher is a US citizen and is cited as inventor in several patents.

Richard Fisher has an understanding of all aspects of Optical Engineering. This includes formulation of product definition from initial requirements, detailed engineering design, prototyping, product qualification, design for production, assembly equipment and system test. He has expertise in design, production, quality and laboratory work.

In addition he has extensive marketing and project management experience. He has led technical presentations to potential customers and managed resources, cost and scheduling during the engineering stage of product development.

Phone (734) 645 8395

Richard Fisher
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1220 Morehead Court, Ann Arbor MI 48103

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