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Design Examples

The following examples contain designs that have already been published or are not covered by confidentiality agreements. These are just a small sample. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

F4E Holographic HUD F4E Holographic Head up Display delivered to Israel. Design engineering included Relay Lens, Holographic Combiner, Holographic Construction Elements, aspheric elements.
F15E Holographic HUD F15E Holographic Head up Display. Design engineering included Relay Lens, Holographic Combiner, Holographic Construction Elements, aspheric elements.
F15E Holographic HUD F15E Holographic Head up Display as installed in the aircraft.
Confocal zoom laparoscope Confocal Microlaparoscope for viewing inside the body. Combines the functionality of a conventional laparoscope with the cellular imaging capability of an infra-red reflectance confocal microscope. Includes Microscope Objective, Tube Lenses, Confocal Lenses, Zooming Groups, Laser Optics, Relay Lenses, Camera Lenses.
Confocal zoom laparoscope optics Full optical train of the Confocal Microlaparoscope. Includes objective, tube optics, confocal optics, relay lenses, beam splitters, polarization control, camera optics, zoom module and scanner.
Confocal system with auxilliary zoom Confocal optical system integrated with zoom auxiliary optics. Allows macroscopic and microscopic observation.
Thermal imaging beam expander 100mm aperture compact, achromatic, 10X beam expander designed for thermal wavelengths.
Holographic HUD optics Wide field of view Holographic Head up Display.
Focussing lens assembly Miniature focusing lens assembly. Precision aligned and potted in place.
Holographic HUD construction optics Holographic construction optics for a wide field of view Head up Display. Produces a non conformal hologram with finely tuned Bragg angles to optimize geometrical imagery and brightness.
IR / laser pod optics Common path thermal imager and laser designator/rangefinder/seeker. Gimballed system designed for an aircraft pod.
Tricolor prism with camera lens The beam splitting prism for a color CCD camera with lens. This is used for cameras with 3 CCDs, one for each primary color.
Test equipment for immersion lenses Test equipment to check imaging performance of immersion microscope objectives and endoscopes.
Polarizing prism assembly Special purpose laser polarizing beam splitter.
Image derotation prism Image Derotation Prism. As this Pechan prism is rotated the image will rotate by twice the amount.
Reflecting relay Reflecting Relay. A well corrected folding relay based on the triplet design. Curvature on the reflecting surface results in excellent aberration correction.
Achromatic doublet Simple achromatic doublet.
Double Gauss camera lens Double Gauss camera lens.
Apochromatic objective Apochromatic objective.
Dual combiner commercial HUD Dual Combiner Commercial Head up Display. Dual combiners increase the instantaneous field of view.
Eyepiece lens Eyepiece.
Microscope objective Microscope objective.
Cooke triplet camera lens Cooke triplet camera lens.
Anamorphic prisms Collimated laser diode with anamorphic prism pair.
Schmidt telescope Classical Schmidt telescope with an achromatic corrector plate. Pseudo symmetry eliminates all field aberrations and the corrector plate removes spherical aberration. An achromatic corrector plate is required for diffraction limited performance over the visual waveband.
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