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Engineering Investigations

In performing due diligence investors and capital venture companies need to investigate both the financial aspects of a business and its engineering and scientific worth. In such cases there is usually no lack of expertise in assessing business plans and balance sheets. However, determining the engineering and scientific value of a business requires specialist skills which are not always at hand. We offer a service specifically for investment specialists and venture capital groups to evaluate the scientific and engineering feasibility and value of prospective companies and ideas.

Our key personnel include:

Optical Engineering

Principal Investigator: Richard Fisher

Richard Fisher holds a MS degree in Applied Optics from London University and has held leadership positions as an Optical Engineer since 1976. He has been Director of Optical Engineering at Inner Vision Imaging (Farmington Hills, Michigan), Principal Optical Engineer at Kaiser Optical Systems (Ann Arbor, Michigan), Optical Systems Engineer at Kollmorgen (Northampton, Massachusetts) and a member of the Senior Staff at Ferranti (Edinburgh, Scotland). Richard Fisher is a US citizen and is cited as inventor in several patents.

Richard Fisher has an understanding of all aspects of Optical Engineering. This includes formulation of product definition from initial requirements, detailed engineering design, prototyping, product qualification, design for production, assembly equipment and system test. He has expertise in design, production, quality and laboratory work.

In addition he has extensive marketing and project management experience. He has led technical presentations to potential customers and managed resources, cost and scheduling during the engineering stage of product development.

Mechanical Engineering

Principal Investigator: Steven Henke

Steven Henke holds a BSME degree from Arizona State University. He has 30 years experience in the design and packaging of complex mechanisms in addition to a mature knowledge of design, tooling and fabrication methods. Mr. Henke held the position of Director of Mechanical Engineering at Exabyte Corp. where he developed the mechanical platform for their mini cartridge products and created all the process documents for the turnkey transfer of production to their factory in Boulder, CO. Steven Henke was a founder of Irwin Magnetics Systems where he headed the mechanical engineering effort for 10 years, bringing the company from start-up to 400,000 units per year production. Along with designing the product, he created the documentation procedure and BOM system, designed the fixtures for assembly, and worked with all vendors to bring the product into specification. While at Cascade Technologies, Steven Henke managed operations.

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